Redemption and forgiveness

Today was quite a day if you keep up with the President and his mouth. He began by tweeting a confusing rant against the “FISA Act”, thus demonstrating both Jar-Jar Binksian ignorance of the acronym and his own administration’s position on the renewal of very same legislation. As the day ended and darkness spread across the land, cable news broke the story wherein this wretched human who occupies the presidency like a college futon was quoted asking why we have to admit immigrants he considers ubermensch.

The churning news cycle has become an exercise in the creation of suspense over what ridiculous and often horrifying words are going to escape the maw of this ugly American tourist who occupies the Oval Office.

It’s time to end the suspense. The serial killer in the movie doesn’t have an epiphany and stop terrorizing. Even if he did, he would still be a serial killer with a body count. People waiting for Trump to change are staring into the void. This is the real Trump, He is beyond redemption.

Perhaps there will come a time for forgiveness. Not for Trump, but the people who made this disaster film. Too soon.