It is impossible to tell when I first
realized my classmates were robots.
I think I remember having a dream
about numbers, but my recollection blurs
before the date or time become apparent.

My socks have a habit of separating
and joining with mismatched partners;
this is of course not proof
that my school years were spent in the company of automatons,
but perhaps the two phenomena are related.

I read about the most recent Supreme Court
campaign finance decision,
and it seems odd to me that money can’t buy me love.
When I leave my house in the morning,
the crows on the telephone wires
are nowhere

to be seen since
we don’t have telephone poles in my neighborhood.
Zookeepers may want to investigate
the tiger that keeps ringing the bell
at the house on the opposite corner of the block
because it never waits for anyone to answer the door.
Pizza delivery has similarly developed a pattern
of going to the garage doors
and honking the horn of the delivery vehicle
and then running around to the front door
before anyone can stop them.

Crimea replaces blue as my favorite.
Chewing with molars can preclude
accidentally biting one’s cheek during a meal,
but drinking from the water fountain
often requires a great deal of concentration
regardless of the shoes one wears
or whether one’s sock match.
The tiger has sabots for footwear.




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